Ouzo Candy Krinos (5.5lb)

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  • DELICIOUS GREEK CANDY - individually wrapped pieces of licorice-flavored hard candy. Ouzu is a licorice-flavored liquer used to create this scrumptious candy, but the candies contain no actual alcohol
  • PERFECT FOR PARTIES - makes a unique and colorful addition to any candy buffet, birthday party, wedding or other event. They also make a great present or a classic party favor
  • WITHOUT GLUTEN INGREDIENTS - the only ingredients are: sugar, glucose syrup, natural flavors. Does not contain alcohol and has no gluten
  • GREEK FAVORITE - attractively packaged, festive, and fun, traditional Greek favorite to place in a candy dish. This delicious Ouzu candy has been a Greek favorite for centuries, and Krinos wants to bring that joy into your home
  • OPA - bring the Greek tradition to your house with these vibrantly anise-flavored candies. These lovely candies sure to bring everyone together at family gatherings or parties
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